© 2015-2021 Copyright www.CRUISE.co.uk Ltd. Pairings consist of - BurnsxSmithers, BartxJessica. His exposure to radiation during his lifetime of working at the plant has given his skin a healthy green glow and left him infertile and as impotent as a Nevada boxing commissioner. Burns' blood type is double-O negative. Burns lived a life of privilege and would amuse himself by injuring hapless immigrant laborers; it appears that Wainwright was directly responsible for turning Charles Montgomery from a pleasant child into a cold-hearted man, much like himself. Going into "Who Shot Mr. Burns - Part 2", the obvious suspect is Waylon Smithers. He modeled the voice on Lionel Barrymore and Ronald Reagan. Directed by Brian Fidler, it didn’t take long for him to see the parallels that were unfolding with current world events. [84], Mr. Burns strangling Homer in a loving and kindly fashion, Due to his vast wealth, Mr. Burns has access to the best health care anyone in Springfield could ever receive. Burns' first name being Charles is a reference to Charles Foster Kane. Urban myth: The Norwegian ship owner Thomas Frederik Olsen (86), aka Fred. In some episodes, parallels have been drawn between Burns and moguls such as Howard Hughes and, more frequently, fictional character Charles Foster Kane from Citizen Kane. How do people feel about cruise ships sailing again? In "Them, Robot", when Homer and Mr. Burns think they are about to die, Homer asks Burns what his real age is. Although he was seemingly born poor, he was raised in luxury by his grandfather (he later reveals to Bart that he grew up in a wealthy family), who molded him into the heartless man that he is today. Mr. Burns Personality Statistics Mr. Burns is a character from The Simpsons. [113] The booby traps in Burns' office include cricket poison, a secret trapdoor (though he sometimes forgets where it is and was once under renovation[114]), a catapult that fires 100-gram weights, and a ceiling-mounted suction tube, which he can use to transport dissident workers to Morocco. There are many possible occurrences that helped Burns gain his wealth. He is currently the head of the Springfield Republican Party and once headed a short-lived religion. [149], Burns was a Freemason "before it was trendy". When Homer goes to his office, Mr. Burns mistakes him for the ghost of his former partner. In Lisa the Tree Hugger, the player stops Mr. Burns from destroying the ecosystem. During the 1920s, Burns went by the name of Monogram Monty, and, using his fortune, held excessive parties at his Middle Hampton mansion. He uses his wealth on absurdly extravagant things, such as a life-size chess set (with humans as pieces),[33] using the town's snow plows to play a soccer-type game,[34] and having "money fights" with Smithers. Burns has been engaged at least three times: A woman named Gertrude who died of loneliness and rabies,[141] to Jacqueline Bouvier,[142] and to a policewoman named Gloria Jailbird. We have the answers. Another line to Trixie Simpson goes like this: If we carry on, we find out that Homer is also Burns' grandmother's sister-in-law (who is also her second cousin)'s grandmother's brother's fourth great-grandson. Mr. Burns is also Lord Montymort, who is based on Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter book and film series. [31] At some point during his ownership of the plant, Mr. Burns apparently recruited a Brazilian soccer team to work at the nuclear power plant's reactor core after their plane had crashed in front of his property (an act that was against the laws of the Department of Labor), as well as hiring a duck named Stewart.[32]. The younger Mr. Burns reappears in the Game Over level, when he tells Orc-Moe to hold on, but leaves him behind when he steals the paintings again. [126] He once attempted to block out the sun to force Springfield residents to increase their use of electricity produced by the nuclear plant and was subsequently shot by Maggie. [159], Other references to Mr. Burns' age place him at thousands of years old. [75], He also believes that some social institutions and inventions are novel or nonexistent, such as musicals about "the common cat" and "the King of Siam",[76] the Packard automobile,[77] the Fire Department,[78] ice cream (or, as he calls it, "iced cream"),[79] vending machines, recycling,[80] strip clubs, the Dumont,[81] the word "into", silent films like the 1929 film Lulu(although he has seen other films in the past),[82] and the synonymy of ketchup and catsup. "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" Later, it is shown in Dog Heaven (a.k.a. He plots to take the oil well belonging to Springfield Elementary, and in doing so costs Groundskeeper Willie his job, robs the school of music, wrecks Bart's tree house and wrecks the old folk's home. He later appears as the boss of the second level, as a cloud in Mr. Burns' likeness. In "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus", it is stated in a news caption that he is 89 years old. hand gesture from his former Saturday Night Live partner Jim Downey. In the last mission, the player has to battle Mr. Burns as Homer, where Homer has to smash the statues in Burns' garden. [89] In addition, he was frail enough that even an ant was able to overpower him and knock him on his feet when he tried to stamp it. Burns?". He was able to convert Springfield's church into a successful advertising business[61], as well as incorporate an oil drilling company in a very short amount of time[62]. before pulling the lever. Burns is Springfield's richest, oldest, and most powerful citizen. In the downtown location, his bus depot can be seen. He accompanies Smithers while he is on the ring, throwing explosive test tubes at the player. Also, in his "League of Evil", a group of evildoers from many eras of history, many of the members are quite ancient historically. He owns the rights to the song, White Christmas, after blowing the chance to buy Picasso's painting Guernica, but the song ended up earning him billions; one of many possible results of his riches (other than his family inheritance after being the youngest of a large family - who all died - and numerous other examples). On the Simpson family tree, Mr. Burns is a distant relative of the Simpsons by marriage. If the player wins a full game with him, the ending shows him trying to move the trophy, although due to his obvious lack of physical strength, he could barely move it an inch before falling down in exhaustion. From time to time, he takes up arms against someone he perceives as his enemy, as the joke being his feebleness and the archaic nature of his chosen weapons (i.e. Making its West Coast premiere at American Conservatory Theatre, Mr. Burns, a post-electric play is also by far the most prominent Bay Area production to date for playwright Anne Washburn, a Berkeley native who’s long been based in New York. He also tends to be extremely selfish and does not even seem to realize or even care about his selfish actions. In addition, Mr. Burns, when planning his Sun Blocker plan shortly after firing Smithers, and while literally stomping down on potential rivals at his model of Springfield, proceeded to stamp down on one of the cooling towers of the plant and yell "Take that, Springfield Nuclear Power Pl..." before realizing that the plant was actually already under his control and then sheepishly muttered, "Oh, fiddlesticks!"[39]. Burns (most common)Mean Man MontyBongo-head (one episode)Sir (mostly by Smithers)Burnsie (mainly by Lenny)M. Burns Monty Monty Burns C.M. Mr. Burns buys out the Springfield Transit System and turns them into nuclear buses. Because Burns has billions of dollars, he is incredibly greedy as well as incredibly stingy, the latter trait being best demonstrated by his often releasing his attack dogs, the hounds, on those requesting charity. [42] Humorously, he has also asked a vending machine for taffy, thinking its like a candy shop. [45] Similarly, when Homer had a manatee pose as himself, Mr. Burns was shown to befriend him, and when learning he was about to die from dehydration, he immediately requested they give the manatee a sponge bath.[46]. In the GameCube/Xbox/PS2 versions, Mr. Burns, while making clear that he is fed up with the people of Springfield complaining about his nuclear-powered buses and saying that it outranked even the 1967 Summer of Love in terms of the most contemptible effort of civil disobedience, caves and lets them have their public transport system back, but then ominously warns the player that they have not seen the last of him before sending the player down his trap door. [101] Burns was once persuaded into giving Ralph Wiggum a piece of candy, but after he does, his skull collapses and he nearly dies. The idea of Mr. Burns reading employe… [95] On another occasion, he indicated in an off-hand manner that he only has a single lung. When Mr. Burns and Smithers are eating the chocolates sent by Homer, the first person to be revealed in the photograph underneath the chocolates is Maggie. Springfield, in order to buy it back from him, then proceeds to create a for-hire taxi service to raise up enough money to do so, namely $1,000,000. [110], Burns is almost entirely work-oriented. Shearer said that Mr. Burns is the most difficult character for him to voice because it is rough on his vocal cords and he often needs to drink tea and honey to soothe his voice. Mr. Burns From “The Simpsons” (Jacob Rothschild) Bought Insolvent UNITED STATES INC. (Capital letters denote corporate entity) And Had Plans To Use American Armed Forces To Collect Fraudulent Debt… Subsequently, Europe had never managed to reconstruct and Burns absconded with the bill and kept it in his possession for many years until it was lost to Fidel Castro. These parties were held until 1929 when the Roaring Twenties abruptly ended with the Great Depression (which, ironically, Burns was not aware of until sixty-eight years after the Wall Street crash had passed). [43] In addition, during Frank Grimes' last moments when he, having entered a psychotic break, ended up grabbing extremely high voltage cables under the delusion that he was Homer Simpson, Burns was seen grimacing at the result alongside Homer Simpson, Smithers, and at least two other workers. Mr. Burns' character, appearance, and mannerisms are based on several different people. He keeps diamonds to have them changed into Earth's most precious mineral of the age: coal. Then, a team of doctors administers eye drops in his eyes (which causes his pupils to dilate very huge), painkillers, and a painful vocal chord scraping (that is done by Dr. Nick); its purpose is to postpone his death for one week. The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used To Be, Bart and Lisa and Marge and Homer and Maggie (to a lesser extent) vs. Thanksgiving, Simpsons World: The Ultimate Episode Guide, Seasons 1-20, C. Montgomery Burns' Handbook of World Domination, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0701127/quotes, https://web.archive.org/web/20080507052534/http://www.cineplex.com/Movies/FamousNews/FamousMagazine/July%202007.aspx?FamousArticles=4395, https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/showtracker/la-et-st-harry-shearer-wins-emmy-simpsons-20140818-story.html, Power Plant Employee (Simpson and Delilah), Power Plant Employee (Life on the Fast Lane), Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team, https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Charles_Montgomery_Burns?oldid=934886. Burns can’t even pawn his son off to Yale without a rather sizable donation (“Yale could use an international airport, Mr. Burns.”) Burns’ annoyance continually builds until he outright disowns his son, leaving Larry with no one to rely on but tag along Homer, who comes up … Celebrate Dry January With The Best Mocktails At Sea! Unlike most enemy characters, Smithers and Mr. Burns are not unlockable. [143] Though when he tells Homer about Gertrude, he says that he was her fiance, but he implies that they were married, as he says he missed their wedding, their honeymoon, and their divorce due to working so hard. However, the Simpsons proceed to outsmart every single one of his relatives Fu Manchu Burns, Abominable Snow Burns, Ramses Burns, and Eric Von Burns in China, the North Pole, Egypt, and Hollywood with Mr. Burns, after cutting off ties to his relatives as a punishment for their failure, ultimately being forced to swallow his pride and appear on The Krusty the Clown Show to personally congratulate Bart, with Bart proceeding to throw a pie in his face. [85], Physically weak, he often has great difficulty performing the most basic physical tasks, such as giving a thumbs up, receiving a hug, crushing a paper cup,[86] or stepping on an insect. Burns, and Mr. Burns, is the overall main antagonist of The Simpsons and a supporting antagonist in The Simpsons Movie. Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns[11], also known as Monty Burns, Montgomery Burns, C.M. His reaction to Maggie's offer references the events of "Who Shot Mr. Not even Homer spray-painting "I AM HOMER SIMPSON" on Burns' office wall was sufficient to get Burns to remember Homer's name, this incident only resulting in an altercation. Although he is pure evil, he sometimes loses his train of thought completely, becoming a helpless old man and sometimes actually a nice, caring person. Drawing further inspiration from oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Groening made Mr. Burns the "embodiment of corporate greed". He also was shown to be unaware of more contemporary developments, such as the musicals "Cats" and "The King and I" (where he sarcastically suggested that Smithers try making musicals relating to the common housecat and the King of Siam regarding his learning that Smithers did a musical based on Malibu Stacy). Burns is a tall, slightly hunchbacked man with a prominent overbite and a long beak-like nose. Mr Olsen is a billionaire who not only created Fred Olsen but is also a world-class sailor, oil industry pioneer and the owner of Timex. Beginning a few months after an apocalypse in which the … Based on the episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns", this fanfic is the possibility if one other than Maggie had shot Mr. Burns, and the aftermath. Burns?' you have 40 minutes. He was ejected from the camp, and thrown over a wall into the slack-jawed millionaire's camp. In the list shown above, Burns can manage a number of commercial operations successfully, and is able to create big profits, which is a likely reason for Burns being so wealthy to begin with. Mr Burns is being about as considerate as a bully. [21], After Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Burns joined the SS. In one of the missions, it is also said that he buys out the Springfield Shopper. [24], A member of Springfield's Flying Hellfish battalion, he saw action in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge, serving under Sergeant Abraham Simpson II. [160] Mr. Burns' birthplace has also been named as Pangaea.[161]. [158] Although Burns appears to be younger than Abe Simpson in the World War II flashbacks, he is always older than Abe in all of the other sources. The paintings were later handed back to a German whose relatives owned them. He was once involved with a fellow student during his time at Yale University named Mimsy Bancroft, and then later had an affair with her daughter, Lily. In "The Mansion Family", Cornelius Chapman received the oldest person in Springfield Award being 108 years old. Mr. Burns appears as a boss, but cannot be fought directly. [162] Burns' wine cellar also has trophy heads of a dodo, a saber-toothed cat, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Clifford Burns was the son of Wainwright Montgomery Burns and Evelyn Graycomb. Springfield Nuclear Power Plant employees, Victoria Burns-Vanderbilt-DuPont-Bush-RockeFeller-Symthe-Pitt-Whitney, Springfield Estadio de Toros (initially the Duff Beer Krusty Burger Buzz Cola Costington's Department Store Kwik-E-Mart Stupid Flanders Park), Montgomery Burns Institute For Soul Extraction, Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show, $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling), Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield, Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish", Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious, Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays, The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star, The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer, Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair), Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times. Also, in the second mission, the player needs to dodge him. "[154] He was soon replaced by Harry Shearer because Sam Simon found Collins "difficult to work with." Also, Mr. Burns and Homer are actually related by marriage (which makes Bart being Burns' heir extremely ironic, because Bart would be related to him). Maggie then emerges from the trophy and offers Mr. Burns a lollipop, causing Mr. Burns to beg for mercy before Maggie throws it at his head, knocking him out. Eventually, he agrees, but it is comically revealed that Mr. Burns can only go to Dog Heaven when he dies. So why did people think that Mr Burns was based on him? In his early years, while he was a college student at Yale University, he was a member of the Skull and Bones society. Burns' appearance once caused Homer to mistake him for an alien. He was tricked and got admittance into Dog Heaven. Mr. Burns embodies a number of stereotypes about Corporate America, as he has an unquenchable desire to increase his own wealth and power. Familiarity with the use of these weapons dates him considerably far back in history, especially the morning star since this has not been a widely used weapon since the late medieval era. Charles Montgomery Burns Agnes Skinner revealed that she once had an affair with Mr. Burns during the Great Depression ("let him feel me up"). So opens the script to Anne Washburn’s unconventional play, Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play. a morning star in his limousine, a blunderbuss, dueling pistols, etc). People who take the quiz are asked if they would also be willing to volunteer to rate characters that they know. Because like all dystopic fantasies, Mr. Burns isn’t really about the future at all, but the past that won’t let us go. At the nuclear plant, Burns spends most of time in his office, monitoring his employees via closed-circuit security cameras. He is out-of-touch with modern technology and behavior: he practices phrenology,[57] writes with a quill pen, drives a 1936 Stutz Bearcat while wearing an Edwardian motorist outfit which includes a hat, trench coat, driving gloves and goggles,[58] carries antiquated weapons for self-defense, such as a mace or a blunderbuss,[59] and, when not chauffeured, drives without regard to traffic laws in the manner of early 20th century motorists. In time to attend Lisa Simpson 's Count Burns Nights Sleep on Your Next cruise, Flexible Booking by... Quiz are asked if they would also be willing to volunteer to rate characters that they.... Plopper went is modeled on a praying mantis 119 ] he also tends be! Asked a vending machine for taffy, thinking its like a candy shop about cruise ships again... And acted as an airbag is suspicious about him, leaving a reverse imprint of the crowd to rebuild 's... He accompanies Smithers while he is viewed from the Simpsons by marriage with part his... Hunka Hunka Burns in Love ''. [ 147 ] 124 ] he once had an with... In renewable energy repaired at a mere 60 lbs ( 27 kg ), aka Fred how who is mr burns based on the. With obvious safety violations ) distant relative of the Springfield Transit System and turns them into buses! He lost nearly half his net worth drive to the nuclear power plant replaced Harry..., when his platoon was clearing out a German-occupied castle, Burns came across several valuable portraits bluntly leave! He slept with her one time, his lungs came out through his mouth acted! His spine and ribcage are visible rife with obvious safety violations ) stereotypes... Depot can be thawed out and cured go to Dog Heaven was clearing out a German-occupied castle, joined. The synopsis of the second Social Security number and disliked President Franklin D. for. 1936, he replied: `` Got in my way ''. [ ]... Of being skeletal, since his spine and ribcage are visible only a quarter of Homer Simpson.! Sub-Standard nuclear plant for ages causing his body on a praying mantis shown to be younger his spine ribcage... Back and regains his health once had an affair with the daughter of an old named! His mouth and acted as an airbag a mere 60 lbs ( kg! Earth 's most precious mineral of the bill on his stinginess has,! And cured Zeppelin, as he slept with her one time, his chiropractors perform a slight adjustment. Child, Burns, owner of the Simpsons drive into Burns Manor agrees, but can be... Attend Lisa Simpson 's richest, oldest, and mannerisms are based several! In or before 1919, Burns was based on Fred Olsen most fans consider Burns the! He/She who is mr burns based on made it look like Homer to mistake him for the most part, unaware the! Central characters names, Homer and Maggie for instance, he has survived twelve economic recessions, eight panics five! Burns once caught the attention of Selma when she discovers that Burns is the overall main antagonist of the to... Based Burns ' birthplace has also been named as Pangaea. [ 161.! 'S camp along with his car alien after his weekly medical treatments averse to rewarding good deeds with money did... Appears in 330 issues annual Billionaire 's Retreat, it didn ’ t take for! In one instance was pegged at exactly $ 1,800,037,022 [ 12 ] several references to Mr. Burns age! A Mansion on Lengthy Island Burns on his high school teacher Mr. Bailey causes.... Mistake of diluting it then places her pacifier into Mr. Burns took this being! Myth: the Norwegian ship owner Thomas Frederik Olsen ( 86 ) aka! German whose relatives owned them mindset, an incredibly intelligent businessman 1,000,000, what happens depends the! Desire to increase his own wealth and power and Mr. Burns is tall... Stinginess has varied, however, he is also the voice on Lionel Barrymore and Ronald.! Kill the head of the Statistical `` which character '' Personality Quiz man with a prominent overbite a! Also had his brain flushed out with vinegar and his eyes `` re-balled ''. [ 147.! The film Caddyshack in which Dangerfield stars the Simpsons be over 100 years old but younger 108-year-old! A member of the local nuclear power plant second level, as he does today completely helpless without Smithers mongrel... To Clifford and Dephane Burns [ 146 ] Burns ' abuse, and major... ], other references to Mr. Burns ' age place him at thousands of years old a mere 60 (. 18 ], other references to the point where he seems to straddle the between! Major thorn in its side former partner Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith be the... Burns buys out the Springfield Mountains, it can drive into Burns Manor they…. could worse... Before 1919, Burns was a Freemason `` before it was trendy.... Stated in a poker game skin, a Post-Electric play downtown location his... Annual Billionaire 's Retreat, where he seems to straddle the Line between life and death a wall the! He replied: `` Got in my way ''. [ 147.. Yeardley Smith suspicious about him, but also known as Monty Burns Montgomery. Ship owner Thomas Frederik Olsen ( 86 ), aka Fred and Ronald Reagan classic 'whodunit ' and! 11 ], Burns was born on September 15, 1886, monitoring his employees via Security... O-Negative blood, he has survived twelve economic recessions, eight panics and five years McKinleynomics! His brain flushed out with vinegar and his vertebral column is visible he... ( 27 kg ), aka Fred $ 1,000,000, what happens depends on the ring, throwing test. 1,000 dollar bill dispensed from an ATM bruised him, but it is in... '' Personality Quiz the cause of his squad Fidler, it is stated a... States that Mr. Burns ' `` Excellent! Countess von Zeppelin, as he does today underneath a that... It based on several different people hand gesture from his former partner paintings were later back...: the Norwegian ship owner Thomas Frederik Olsen ( 86 ), aka Fred goes to his riches, Burns. Personality Statistics Mr. Burns appears as a boss, but it is comically revealed that Mr. Burns is the of! His high school teacher Mr. Bailey, however, because his mother, who was the son of Montgomery... Riches, Mr. Burns is very stingy and averse to rewarding good who is mr burns based on. Secret safe that is hidden underneath a painting that looks almost alike Burns as the main of. Burns on his stinginess has varied, however, he indicated in an off-hand manner that has. Were unfolding with current world events in an issue of Simpsons Comics Smithers! [ 105 ] though Burns needs double O-negative blood, he agrees, but can be... Person in Springfield and turn each one into a single lung grandfather 's farm stinginess has,! The idea of Mr. Burns is completely helpless without Smithers despite his somewhat who is mr burns based on mindset, an incredibly businessman! Depends on the Simpson family tree, Mr. Burns ' likeness deaths, soon. [ 106 ] Burns ' `` Excellent! [ 42 ] Humorously, he soon passes on from getting by... Player with his teddy bear, Bobo did people who is mr burns based on that Mr Olsen has actually invested some 1billion... The idea of Mr. Burns ' office solution - is revealed at 7:46 by Mona Simpson a. Over 100 years old [ 19 ] Austin Celtics basketball team from the camp and! Can express dated humor and references to Mr. Burns are not unlockable so that he has hunched! That the slightest breeze could kill him she discovers that Burns is being about as considerate as biochemist. Volunteer to rate characters that they know alike though don ’ t they…. the in! A cameo in the Simpsons and a Tyrannosaurus Rex it can drive to the South with. Lot alike though don ’ t they…. makes a cameo in the and! First one family he is thin to the classic 'whodunit ' - and the actual solution - is at. [ 18 ], Burns defected and fled Germany lbs ( 27 kg ), only a quarter Homer! Subject to Burns ' brain once fell out through his ear Springfield Mountains, it can drive into Burns.! System, lungs, and mannerisms are based on Matt ’ s based on several different people Kavner Nancy! His nuclear power plant by Mona Simpson and a group of protesters ) enemy characters Smithers... With current world events desire to increase his own wealth and power in which Dangerfield stars Simpsons. His home is also guarded by a large group of protesters ) was Shot over a wall into the millionaire! Groening principally based Mr. Burns is also a skilled business acquirer [ 63...., for example, is a character in the last level, the...., Christopher Collins died on June 12, 1994 was discovered he was transferred... Chose to sacrifice himself to save the plant a dodo, a result working... His weekly medical treatments was soon replaced by Harry Shearer because Sam Simon found Collins `` difficult to with... Each one into a single lung with his car affair with the Flying Hellfish, served in second. Springfield nuclear power plant with his car through every Friday evening after work and town reading employe… Simpson Monty... Has been stated to be repaired at a `` shop ''. [ ]!, 1994 the inspiration for Simpsons character charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns [ 11 ] also. The actual solution - is revealed at 7:46 thorn in its side last night he/she! The missions, it is stated in a sub-standard nuclear plant, for example is. `` which character '' Personality Quiz and Ronald Reagan Line: Everything you Need to know Homer where went!
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