Put students into breakout rooms based on what they select. We're here to help with resources to support effective remote/distance learning experiences for students, teachers, and families. Tip: These 1:1 sessions will provide you Mastery Test data, whereas the 1:1 sessions in which you listen to the students read and confer with them will provide comprehensive information about mastery and application. Find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes. Group-wide lens: Using the above, at, and below benchmarks, create small reading groups of about six students each (educators with large class sizes can increase but not exceed eight per group). We've provided a collection of resources that will help you navigate and reacquaint yourself with our digital products and platforms. Choose your subject. Remote Learning Resources - extended availability! For those that choose to incorporate online instruction, Jennifer Serravallo has shared thoughtful guidance on remote teaching and learning … Reading Language Arts Science. Click here to grab free reading centers and games. Provide students with guidance on how to engage in rereading previously read text. It is powerful for students to revisit various sorts as well as read and reread words with known spelling-sound correspondences. Teachers expect the unexpected; we never know what a school day will hold for us and are always ready. Active learning engages students in the process of learning through activities and/or discussion in class, as opposed to passively listening to an expert. Consider how to provide corrective feedback in an authentic way. Great for remote learning and building community. Play a memory game with words from the story. 9) Strategy Groups. Throughout the fall, we will be releasing remote teaching and learning guidelines for users of FPC, BAS, and LLI. Offer plenty of simple, but appealing, options for practice. Students can read and reread books from their current set and previous sets. You can: … As literacy expert Nell Duke emphasizes, “Ultimately, developmentally responsive instruction is teaching the right content at the right time. Guided reading is one of the most important times of your school day. So, here we are, grappling with how to teach our small reading groups remotely. IXL Learning. Work backward from the context of remote teaching. Remote Learning Resources 95 Percent Group is excited to offer a variety of Remote Learning Instructional Resources to all those teaching their students and children during these unprecedented times. Hello parents and carers! Put students into breakout rooms based on what they select. This a basic tutorial of how you can use zoom to conduct a virtual guided reading lesson! Pear Deck is designed to support Active Learning. At school, you group students with similar needs to deliver targeted instruction; extend the same model to remote … Germ Education Activities, 16 Everyday Activities That Count as Learning, Join the WeAreTeachers Influencer Network. We have focused primarily on recommendations for remote learning… Grids serve as meeting places and allow for icebreakers, weekly reflections, and mini-presentations. In the main room, present the choices. Select snippets of instruction and use the instructional cues to support students’ review of: Text reading. Embarking on the Journey with Collaborative Literacy, Strengthening the Power of Collaborative Literacy Instruction, five best practices for facilitating live sessions, building community and navigating a virtual platform, five best practices for recorded sessions. I hope these printable resources are helpful to you as you prepare your students for remote or distance learning. Dr. Catherine Snow touts reading and talking about text with family members as a top way to promote literacy learning at home. 2. For those that choose to incorporate online instruction, Jennifer Serravallo has shared thoughtful guidance on remote teaching and learning in numerous blogs, videos, and more. Part 3 focuses on the five best practices for recorded sessions. Feel free to share as needed (both print and digital delivery). Tip: Ask students to write about their reading. Practice reading and writing these short a words: sad, pat, map, tan.”. Tip: Know that you might not “catch” every student move or error as you would sitting at a small-group table. You can find a suggested daily timetable here that can be used to schedule the tasks in the home learning pack and remote learning … Explore opportunities specific to your course type (lecture, case-based, small group discussion, or hands-on). Click the button below to learn more and get a free trial. Fall 2020 Update: Remote Teaching & Learning with Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ We rounded up a list of the Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ resources that are or will be available for remote learning … Flipgrid: Create short videos with students with Grids. Home / Home Learning. New remote learning formats require new thinking to create compelling, engaging, and inclusive content. Practice reading and writing these short a words: sad, pat, map, tan.” Leverage the small group instructional models you already have in place—virtually. Part 2 focuses on building community and navigating a virtual platform. Click here to read about and grab free reading gameboards that work with any text or story the student is reading. Students can use the high-frequency word cards for the words they are working on to play Memory or Go Fish at home. Students can use it in any environment, helping provide targeted instruction and practice in foundational reading skills no matter where learning is happening.
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