This channel was generated automatically by YouTube's video discovery system. (Jim Broadbent's performance may dominate Topsy-Turvy but the film is about the creative collaboration of Gilbert and Sullivan.) Starring Brendan Gleeson and Diane Keaton. (CC) ‘I’m also concerned that a young woman today, who has got herself pregnant and is afraid of going to a doctor, might decide, literally, to try to abort her baby at home because it looks relatively straightforward.’ While the film is presented as a morally neutral but highly accurate portrayal, the truth is very different. Vera Drake, a feminist ‘neo kitchen sink’ film focuses on protagonist Vera Drake – ‘wife, mother, criminal’, as the poster of the film says -, a cheerful middle-aged lady working as a cleaner, who takes care of her family and her infirm mother and generally tries to help people. But often bits would be left behind in the womb – bits of a mangled foetus or bits of mangled placenta – which would putrefy and cause severe infection.’ ‘ In the film, there is none of this. Once, we had a girl with total renal failure. That would be vulgar and embarrassing. ‘Women who were abortionists were tough to the point of brutality, and I never once heard of anyone doing it for philanthropic reasons,’ she says. This was extremely devastating for me. When the authorities find her out, Vera's world and family life unravel. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. These are the only films among his 17 features and TV dramas in which Leigh focuses the narrative on a single character. ‘Then there were the single girls, working-class and middle- class, who’d got themselves in trouble. If a woman died after an illegal termination, the abortionist would be charged with manslaughter. Instead, she gets Vera Drake – a frail-looking, middle-aged lady who wouldn’t dream of taking her money but just wants to do a good turn. la Date et la Dureé 9 février 2005 (2h5min). (News) by "South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)"; News, opinion and commentary General interest Television dramas Television … The legal situation remained like this until the 19th century, when a series of laws were passed severely restricting abortion, which was at one time punishable by death. ‘There were women who simply could not cope with or afford another child. Stars Imelda Staunton, Eddie Marsan. ‘She developed a terrible infection and deteriorated for several weeks before she finally died. ‘Social conditions were very different then,’ says Jennifer, 69. Its most eloquent element is the silence. Anonymous. Their son, Sid, makes a living as a tailor's apprentice, and their wallflower daughter, Ethel works in a light bulb factory. They are not rich, but they are a happy, close family. She spends her days doting on them and caring for her sick neighbor and elderly mother. 21st Century Essentials: Vera Drake (2004) Director: Mike Leigh Starring: Imelda Staunton Country: UK To watch a Mike Leigh film is to be dropped into such a completely realized, fully-fleshed out world that it's almost as if you're living the story alongside the characters rather than watching a film. There were babies at 12 weeks’ development ‘jumping off the womb like a trampoline’; at 18 weeks, opening their eyes; at 22 weeks even appearing to smile. The cervix will clamp tight for the protection of the foetus. The story opens with Vera (Imelda Staunton) bustling from one grimy corner of London to another. Lesley Sharp is an English stage, film and television actress whose roles on British television include Clocking Off (2000–2001), Bob & Rose (2001) and Afterlife (2005–2006). Elsewhere, the director imbues Vera Drake with a somewhat artificial flavor. Based on a true story, Vera Drake, a woman in 1950s England secretly aids women to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Based on a true story, Vera Drake, a woman in 1950s England who is devoted to caring for her family, secretly aids women who want to terminate unwanted pregnancies. (It has since been reduced to 24 weeks.) She is discreet but not crafty. Politics are beside the point. I don't think there was actually a Vera Drake, so it's not strictly true. ‘These poor souls would come in with massive injuries to their reproductive tract. Vera gets along with everybody. ‘A lot of women who fell pregnant were put into mental asylums by their families – and remained there for the rest of their lives. When I was a ward sister in the East End in the 1950s, you would have between four and eight women in at any one time with severe complications caused by abortion. ‘If the water was not sterilised, there would be an extreme risk of infection,’ he says. Start your free trial to watch Little Dorrit's Story: Ep 1 and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. Question #58837. I think that was terribly sad.’ With his film, Mike Leigh has succeeded in reminding us of that terrible time for women, which no sensible person would ever wish to return to. Review: The Mauritanian Relates Story of U.S. Favorite Answer. But the first psychiatrist I saw said I didn’t seem upset enough and refused to authorise an abortion. Is the film Vera Drake based on a true story? She washes up and prepares her materials as though she is baking a nice pie for the family. Today, I feel very strongly that abortion should be available on request.’ Ms Ainger was one of the lucky ones. ‘Basically, they were in it for the money. ‘I think it’s rather implausible to suggest that Vera had such a high success rate. Vera Drake is something of a flip side to Leigh's Naked. The story opens with Vera (Imelda Staunton) bustling from one grimy corner of … Réalisation de Mike Leigh. Until then, there were upwards of 250,000 illegal abortions a year. She spends her days cleaning houses and taking care of … London, 1950: Chipper Vera Drake (Imelda Staunton) is a hardworking wife and mother who supplements the income her husband, Stan (Phil Davis), … Vera Drake is a 2004 British period tragedy film written and directed by Mike Leigh and starring Imelda Staunton, Phil Davis, Daniel Mays and Eddie Marsan. Playing next It’s all on Hulu. What matters is that Vera Drake believes what she is doing is right. Browse more videos. Vera Drake, and Oscar-nominated film directed by Mike Leigh, tells the story of Vera Drake, a woman living in 1950s Britain. Among them was Deborah Ainger, now 62. She expects the abortionist to be a tough, contemptuous woman who will treat her in the most brutal fashion in return for her two guineas. Much has been made by Leigh of the painstaking research done before filming to ensure accuracy. Please consult an expert before taking any action. It was heartbreaking.’ Some deaths, no doubt, would have been brought about by Vera Drake’s soapand-water method. Vera Drake (146) IMDb 7.6 2h 4min 2004 X-Ray R Based on a true story, Vera Drake, a woman in 1950s England secretly aids women to terminate unwanted pregnancies. I've read a number of interviews with the director, Mike Leigh, and he has not indicated that "Vera Drake" was inspired by a single true story. It was, in fact, a nasty, brutal business – and the Vera Drakes were at the heart of it. Vera Drake is not an easy sit, and though it’s not quite as euphoric as All or Nothing, I’m constantly amazed by how confrontational Leigh’s films can be without being in the least bit preachy or condescending.The film neither makes a case for abortion nor does it condemn men for politizing female bodies, and though its backdrop may be life in England … ... class woman who performs illegal abortions in Vera Drake. Next 50 results. Sally is raped by her boyfriend, becomes pregnant and goes to a psychiatrist who can refer her to a private clinic for a legal abortion. Browse more videos. It tells the story of a working-class woman in London in 1950 who performs illegal abortions . Already a CT subscriber? The film is based on a true story. When Scripture makes it through flood or fire, we see signs of a faith that endures. "Vera Drake … 61st Venice International Film Festival-Wikipedia. The story goes something like this: Vera Drake is a kind old lady living in England in the '50s.