Find and compare all 51 Moselle River tours, cruises, and packages from 6 companies. 855 430 4464 Call Scenic on 855 430 4464. The Moselle River originates in northeast France and flows along the Luxembourg and German border before entering Germany and flowing into the Rhine River at Koblenz.Nearly all cruises on the Moselle visit the Rhine as well. 4 countries. Learn by email with Victor Hugo on this fun personalised, daily course. Lying astride Third Army’s route of advance were the key cities of Metz and Nancy, both of which are located on the east bank of the Moselle. Photos of the Moselle to view and download. Find the detailed map Moselle, as well as those of its towns and cities, on ViaMichelin, along with road traffic and weather information, the option to book accommodation and view information on MICHELIN restaurants and MICHELIN Green Guide listed tourist sites for Moselle. From Trier downstream the Moselle separates the two Central Upland ranges of the Eifel (to the northwest) and the Hunsrück (to the southeast). Lire la suite. The Moselle (/ m oʊ ˈ z ɛ l / moh-ZEL, French: (); German: Mosel (); Luxembourgish: Musel) is a river that rises in the Vosges mountains and flows through north-eastern France, Luxembourg, and western Germany.It is a left bank tributary of the Rhine, which it joins at Koblenz.A small part of Belgium is in its basin as it includes the Sauer and the Our. Some of the best Rieslings grow here. Comparative figures by the Chamber of Agriculture for Rhineland-Palatinate for several wine villages on the Lower Moselle show that there were still 797 wine businesses in the early 1960s, but by the early 2000s there were only just under 100. After the Second World War, France pressed to be able to ply the Moselle with larger ships in order to be able to link the industrial regions of Lorraine. The Moselle flows through the Lorraine region, west of the Vosges. The ADAC's Rallye Deutschland has taken place since 2000 in the vineyards along the Moselle at Veldenz, Dhron, Piesport, Minheim, Kesten, Trittenheim, Fell, Ruwertal and Trier. Stroll through quaint Mainz and see an original Gutenberg Bible in the Gutenberg Museum. Salm, In his poem dated 371, called Mosella, which was published in 483 hexameters, this poet of the Late Antiquity and teacher at the Trier Imperial Court (Kaiserhof) described a journey from Bingen over the Hunsrück hills to the Moselle and then following its course to Trier on the road named after him, the Via Ausonius. Sep 8, 2020 - Enjoy the historical & scenic sites along the beautiful Moselle River Trail in France & Germany. A great selection of activities including sports, well-being, gourmet food and entertainment. Seille, Ruwer, Self-catering holiday homes, gîtes and apartments. Esch, City-wise, things are on a much smaller scale. Cruise Rhine & Moselle Discovery Discover Roman Trier. Forbach 7 hotels. Rhine River meets Moselle River at the small town of Koblenz. After 544 km (338 mi) it discharges into the Rhine at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz at a height of 59 m (194 ft) above NHN sea level. We are just back from a AMA River Cruise on the Moselle and Rhine. A number of notable castles and ruins adorn the heights above the Moselle valley and many are visible on a boat trip on the Moselle. On 27 October 1956 they concluded the Moselle Treaty with Germany and Luxembourg for a canalisation of the Moselle and conceded to Germany in return the extension of the Grand Canal d'Alsace on the Upper Rhine instead of an extension of the canal via Breisach. Helpful. You can expect similar scenery to its parent river, too – think charming villages, hilltop castles and hairpin bends. The structures have been blended into the landscape through their low-level design; this was achieved by the choice of sector gates for the weir, vertically lowering upper gates and mitred lower lock gates. There are locks in Koblenz, Lehmen, Müden, Fankel, Sankt Aldegund, Enkirch, Zeltingen, Wintrich, Detzem, Trier, Grevenmacher, Palzem,[15] Apach, Kœnigsmacker, Thionville, Richemont, Talange, Metz, Ars-sur-Moselle, Pagny-sur-Moselle, Blénod-lès-Pont-à-Mousson, Custines, Pompey, Aingeray, Fontenoy-sur-Moselle, Toul, Villey-le-Sec, and Neuves-Maisons.[16]. The section from Trier to Pünderich is the Middle Moselle, the section between Pünderich and its mouth in Koblenz as the Lower Moselle or Terraced Moselle (Terrassenmosel). The German Moselle wine region, including its tributaries, bears the growing and manufacturing name of "Mosel". In April 2014 the Moselle Trail was opened, a path running for 365 km (227 mi) from Perl on the Upper Moselle to Koblenz. Fantastic river cruise with MV Virginia . Sail on a beautifully appointed ship past picturesque landscapes to cities and towns along the river. Morhange 2 hotels. Some trips also include a hotel stay before or after your cruise. Unmissable places and recommendations in Great East. More than half of it runs through Germany; the rest flows through France and Luxembourg. 855 430 4464 Call Scenic on 855 430 4464. When, in the Quaternary period, the Rhenish Massif slowly rose, the meanders of the Moselle were formed between the Trier Valley and the Neuwied Basin. Sauer, Ausonius describes flourishing and rich landscapes along the river and in the valley of the Moselle, thanks to the policies of their Roman rulers. With that, 394 km (245 mi) of the Moselle have been upgraded with a total of 28 locks. From 1815, the Moselle formed the border between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Prussia (German Empire in 1871). The International Moselle Commission (IMK), founded in 1962 with its head office in Trier, is responsible for navigation. The N10 road runs along the Moselle and Sauer rivers, and connects nearly all of the cities along the eastern Luxembourgian border together. Outings in the Moselle. 12 days. City-wise, things are on a much smaller scale. River Cruises with A-ROSA A city break sounds good. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Moselle River de la plus haute qualité. At Alken the cycle begins by crossing the river via a bridge and continuing along the banks of the Moselle. 3 countries. If so, you’ve come to the right place! By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies to improve your experience and make targeted offers. Kautenbach, Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for MOSELLE RIVER CITY [metz] We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word metz will help you to finish your crossword today. Before the construction of barrages the Moselle was a popular route for folding kayaks which is why many of the weirs have boat channels. The Moselle was known to the Romans by the name of Flumen Musalla (in the Tabula Peutingeriana), and the river was romanticised by the poet Ausonius around 371. Flow past sleepy French villages, medieval castles and fairytale forests on a 5-star luxury Moselle River Cruise. The Moselle (/moʊˈzɛl/ moh-ZEL,[1] French: [mɔzɛl] (listen); German: Mosel [ˈmoːzl̩] (listen); Luxembourgish: Musel) is a river that rises in the Vosges mountains and flows through north-eastern France, Luxembourg, and western Germany. But a city break in multiple cities sounds even better. Brohlbach, You can park your bike in the hikers carpark before walking (around 35 minutes) through the Elztal valley to Eltz Castle. Guide of Great East. The Germans did not intended to give up either without a fight. Skyscraper-filled metropolises aren’t the Moselle Valley’s thing. 7 tours. A great choice for first-timers, the Rhine includes iconic ‘city-break’ European cities such as Amsterdam and Basel. Madon, Visit Speyer and its landmark cathedral, the burial place of eight emperors. The Moselle valley between Metz and Thionville is an industrial area, with coal mining and steel manufacturers. Ideas for walks and hikes in the Moselle. Endert, [2] Many castle ruins sit on the hilltops above wine villages and towns along the slopes. Stay in Moselle's best hotels! On 10 November 2006 in Burg, the Moselle Regional Initiative was founded. Hide map Show map. Forte d’un peu plus de 50 146 habitants, la nouvelle Communauté de Communes « Rives de Moselle » est née le 1 er janvier 2014 de la fusion de la Communauté de Communes de Maizières-les-Metz et de la Communauté de Communes du Sillon Mosellan. 0 expert & traveler reviews on Moselle River trips. A French course with a difference! The name Moselle is derived from the Celtic name form, Mosela, via the Latin Mosella, a diminutive form of Mosa, the Latin description of the Meuse, which used to flow parallel to the Moselle. Read more. Germany - Self-guided Cycling Holiday. Taste Moselle Rieslings. Moselle lends its name to one of the most beautiful valleys of Luxembourg, famous for its wineries, charming hotels and medieval towns. Source of the Moselle. It is here that the rhine encounters some more of its main tributaries such as the neckar the main and later the moselle which contributes an average discharge of more than 300 m 3 s 11000 cu fts. Stuart Pigott, Chandra Kurt, Manfred Lüer: Publications by the Statistical Office of Rhineland-Palatinate. Seventy five years ago saw the beginning of the greatest story of the 20th century. Rooms from local hosts offering a personal welcome. If the Rhine is the emblematic river of Alsace, the Moselle is the backbone of Lorraine, the neighbouring region.Indeed, this tributary of the Rhine gave its name to two French départements: Moselle [57] and Meurthe-et-Moselle [54]. The Mosel bend near Kröv Isn't this a fascinating vista? Learn More. Moselle River Cruises. The name is derived from the historical transport route for this slate along the Moselle to the Lower Rhine. Publius Cornelius Tacitus: Der Text ist verfügbar in der lateinischen Wikisource: Publius Cornelius Tacitus: Der Text ist verfügbar in der lateinischen Wikisource; erwähnt ist die Mosel in, Hydrologischer Atlas der Schweiz 2002, Tab. Rives de Moselle avec la Communauté de Communes du Pays Orne-Moselle, s’engage dans la réflexion pour le redéploiement économique et urbain du site des Portes de l’Orne. £1,845 from . Through the Moselle valley run the Moselle Wine Route and the Moselle Cycleway, which may be cycled from Metz in France via Trier to Koblenz on the River Rhine, a distance of 311 km (193 mi). In 2005, statistics showed there were 10,375 ha (25,640 acres) of vineyard; by 2012 this had fallen to just 8,491 ha (20,980 acres). Upstream on the Moselle the vineyards extend into France as far as Seille in the region of Côtes de Moselle with an area of 130 ha (320 acres) and to the region around Toul (Côtes de Toul) covering 110 ha (270 acres). Its lower course "twists and turns its way between Trier and Koblenz along one of Germany's most beautiful river valleys. Unmissable places and recommendations in the Moselle. Koblenz (Rhineland Palatinate) is the largest town of the Upper Middle Rhine river and the ideal base to explore the best cities and castles of the Rhine valley. The Meurthe was the old upper course of the Moselle, until the latter captured the former upper reaches of the Meuse and took it over. 1 country. self-publication, Mainz, June 2007, Joachim Gruber: Decimus Magnus Ausonius, "Mosella", This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 22:54. Mosel River Cruises! The length of the river in France is 314 km (195 mi),[5] for 39 km (24 mi) it forms the border between Germany and Luxembourg, and 208 km (129 mi) is solely within Germany. Map of north rhine westphalia with cities and towns click to see large. Moselotte, The origin of the river is in the Vosges at 715 metres, at the Col de Bussang, about 4km from the village of Bussang. There has been the opposite trend amongst the established traditional wine estates and more recent vintners with a sound education in oenology and business management, who have increased their business through the reclamation of once renowned, but long forgotten sites. Share. 360° panorama photo from Germany by Michael von Aichberger. Well-preserved Roman monuments are scattered across the city, which stretches across both sides of the Moselle River. View itineraries and request a quote today. Feller Bach, Since 1816 it has formed a 36 km (22 mi) long[14] condominium from Apach, a common Germany–Luxembourg sovereign area with a division of responsibilities set out in a 1976 agreement. Elz. Known as Moselle in English and La Moselle in French, the river meanders through low mountain ranges in Germany. 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The river subsequently gave its name to two French republican départements: Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle. From the tripoint the Moselle marks the entire Saarland–Luxembourg border. Easy cycling along the winding river (named Mosel in Germany), with ample time for immersion in the surroundings along the way. For marketing reasons the agricultural authorities of the region have divided it into six winegrowing areas. A small part of Belgium is in its basin as it includes the Sauer and the Our. The source of the Moselle is at 715 m (2,346 ft) above sea level on the Col de Bussang on the western slopes of the Ballon d'Alsace in the Vosges. The waterway is 242 km (150 mi)[14] long and managed by the Trier and Koblenz Water and Shipping Offices (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsämtern Trier und Koblenz). Woippy 9 hotels. Cologne, Bonn and Luxembourgh are the other major cities. For smaller ships it is connected to other parts of France through the Canal de l'Est and the Canal de la Marne au Rhin. Dhron, The Sauer is the largest left-hand tributary and drains the region on either side of the German-Luxembourg border. Cities & towns of the Moselle. A Tale of Three Rivers Trier to Bamberg. In the Miocene and Pliocene epochs the ancient Moselle (Urmosel) was already a tributary of the ancient Rhine (Ur-Rhein). Flowing through France, Luxembourg and Germany, the Moselle River is known for its picturesque medieval castles and excellent wines, such as Riesling, Elbling, Müller-Thurgau and Kerner. Between the lock and weir are a boat slipway and channel and boat lock, while between the weir and the power station is the fish ladder. When travelling from Thionville or Metz, the road is marked as the D654, which connects to the A31/E25 at Illange. Avelsbach, Kyll, Sarreguemines 11 hotels. Scotland, United Kingdom 164 contributions 31 helpful votes +1. £1,995 from. Le tableau suivant donne la liste des communes, en précisant leur code Insee, leur code postal principal, leur arrondissement, leur canton, leur appartenance aux principales structures intercommunales, leur superficie et leur population, d'après les chiffres de l'Insee issus du recensement 2017 [Note 1], [2]. Upstream freight mainly comprised fuel and ores; downstream the main goods were steel products, gravel and rocks. Here’s a quick geography lesson on the Moselle River: This picturesque waterway is the west tributary of the mighty Rhine River and flows for 339 miles through northeastern France and western Germany. Terrouin, Today the Moselle is navigable for large cargo ships up to 110 metres (360 ft) long[15] from the Rhine in Koblenz up to Neuves-Maisons, south of Nancy. Most notable among the wines produced here are Riesling, Elbling, Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, and Auxerrois. The water levels and hydropower works are controlled by the Fankel Central Control Station (Zentralwarte Fankel) of the RWE Power Company at Fankel. Mdubhghlas wrote a review Jun 2019. Find a Cruise / Tour Agent Portal Brochures Manage Booking River Cruises Destinations. Cities, castles & activities – the most beautiful places on the Moselle Eltz Castle. The river flows through a region that was first cultivated by the Romans. Koblenz Oh Hello Koblenz! Ahringsbach, Its trajectory along the Luxembourg border runs 39 km in length to form a natural boundary with Germany. 0 expert & traveler reviews on Moselle River trips. Phalsbourg 6 hotels. The Saar is the biggest of all the tributaries (78.2 m3/s, 2,760 cu ft/s) as well as the longest (246 km, 153 mi). If you’re looking for the Moselle River on a map, you’ll find the tributary to the west of the Rhine. The introduction of the Moselle as an umbrella brand was based on that of the Eifel region and covers products and services from the areas of agriculture, forestry, tourism, handicrafts and nature. There is an inland port at Trier, a transshipment site in Zell (Mosel); and there are other ports in Mertert, Thionville, Metz and Frouard. Enjoy scenic cruising through the Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO Site, passing iconic Lorelei Rock. Traben-Trarbach with its art nouveau architecture and Bernkastel-Kues with its traditional market square are two of the many tourist attractions on the Moselle river. Baybach, There is a total of 28 changes of level on the Moselle: With the exception of Detzem, all the structures at each change in level are laid out side by side; the lock is by one riverbank, the weir in the middle and the hydropower plant on the other bank. If you’re looking for the Moselle River on a map, you’ll find the tributary to the west of the Rhine. Meurthe, There are also yachting or sports marinas in the following places: Koblenz, Winningen, Brodenbach, Burgen, Löf, Hatzenport, Senheim, Treis, Traben-Trarbach, Kues, Neumagen, Pölich, Schweich, Trier and Konz. A relatively small and intimate waterway in comparison to other … ), M. Eckoldt (ed. Amnéville 15 hotels. Inhabitants of the department are known as Mosellans History. Important cities at the Moselle river are Metz, Thionville, Trier, Bernkastel-Kues and Koblenz.. The three largest tributaries of the Moselle are, in alphabetical order, the Meurthe, the Saar and the Sauer. Ürzig is a small town on the river Moselle, surrounded by vineyards. See also: Wikimedia Commons – Castles in Rhineland-Palatinate, Typical landscape of Moselle vineyards near. Originating in the Vosges Mountains in north-eastern France, the 340-mile long Moselle flows through the beautiful Lorraine region, before entering the southern corner of Luxembourg where just west of the town of Trier, it turns away towards Germany and eventually joins the Rhine at Koblenz. It is a story that would lead to the liberation of France and a large part of Europe, which would finally escape Nazi dictatorship. The 339-mile-long Mosel River begins in France, where it's known as the Moselle. Regional and international cuisine, style of restaurant and menus. At 544km, the Moselle is the second longest tributary of the Rhine. The western boundary of Lorraine is formed by the Moselle Valley and the eastern boundary by the Saare River. The channel has a width of 40 m (130 ft), more on the bends. With a settled history that predates the Romans, it is yours to discover on one of our Moselle river cruises. View itineraries and request a quote today. The Moselle winegrowing region lies along the Moselle with a cultivated area of about 10,540 ha (26,000 acres). Organisatorische und technische Daten, Binnenschifffahrt, Aufgaben, Wasserstraßen. The river turns northeastward into Germany and Luxembourg, forming … Lorraine. Along its 339 miles of winding, bending waterfront sit some of the most impossibly beautiful scenes and cities you will ever see. At Koblenz Locks the Mosellum offers exhibitions about the migration of fish in the Moselle as well as water ecology, navigation and power generation. The Moselle valley (Moseltal) is largely in Rhineland-Palatinate. The source of the Moselle river is in the Vosges mountains of French Alsace and it then flows north before reaching Germany at Perl and forming the border with Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg . Alf, The Moselle by far was the most beautiful. I highly recommend staying in Koblenz if you’re planning to explore the castles along the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. Cities In the Rhine and Mosel Valleys, there are numerous cities and towns worth visiting each with their own distinctive charm. 5.4, Von der Mehrzahl der Winzer nicht genutzte Herkunftsbezeichnung. Course of the Moselle. The first stop is Moselkern, a small town located at the confluence of the Elz and Moselle rivers. Meisenthal 6 hotels. Like a blue ribbon, the Moselle twists and turns its way between Trier and Koblenz along one of Germany's most beautiful river valleys. Highlights of the cruise were the afternoon sailing past all the amazing castles along the Rhine followed the next morning by the beauty along the Moselle River. 8 days. The towns and villages were lovely, lots of see and wonderful food and wine. Along the Moselle River. By 1970 more than 10 million tonnes of goods were being transported on the Moselle, the majority on towed barges. The Moselle is first recorded by Tacitus in Book 13 of his Annals[3] and in Book 4 of his Histories.[4]. Une fontaine située à 731 mètres d'altitude (près du col de Bussang dans le département des Vosges) est présentée comme sa source officielle, mais la rivière se forme de la réunion de plusieurs ruisseaux dont certains sourdent à plus de 1 000 mètres, sur les pentes du Grand Drumont. Mdubhghlas wrote a review Jun 2019. Photos of the Moselle . In 1958 work began and by 26 May 1964 the Moselle could be officially opened from Metz to Koblenz as a major waterway for shipping with 14 locks. Liste des communes. Between Koblenz and Trier, large sections run on the trackbed of the old Moselle Valley Railway, far from the noise and fumes of motor vehicles. See more ideas about river trail, trail, scenic. Course of the Moselle. Numerous Moselle Trail "partner trails", the so-called side branches (Seitensprünge) and "dream paths" (Traumpfade) enhance the hiking network in the Moselle Valley.[17]. Date of experience: July 2019. Ahhhh, the Moselle River, the picturesque winding border between Luxembourg and Germany. 6 tours. Moselle slate (Moselschiefer) is a manufacturing and trade description for slate from the municipalities of Mayen, Polch, Müllenbach, Trier and its surrounding area. Moselle (French pronunciation: ... located mostly in the urban area around Metz and along the river Moselle. The closest airports to Cochem are: • Frankfurt Hahn, (25 km away) • Cologne/Bonn, (90km away) • Frankfurt, (110km away) Moselle is well connected by train, the route of which traces the left bank of the river Moselle. Saar, Straddling the Mosel River, halfway along the Mosel Valley, is the quaint little town of Traben-Trarbach, famous for its many old half-timbered buildings and handsome aristocratic homes. In stock. France extended it by 1979 as far as Neuves-Maisons. The end of the 20th century saw the rediscovery of the use of special terroir[22] in order to improve quality and value, which has led to a more nuanced view of Moselle wine that, a few years before, had been characterised by overproduction, label scandals and cheap offers. Source of the Moselle. Gander, For example, Rüdesheim on the Rhine (Rüdesheim am Rhein) is located on the river’s east bank and is one of Germany’s most visited towns. INVITATION TO MOSELLE RIVER COMMEMORATION. The catchment area of the Moselle is 28,286 km2 (10,921 sq mi) in area. Characteristic of the Middle and Lower Moselle are its wide meanders cut deeply into the highlands of the Rhenish Massif, the most striking of which is the Cochemer Krampen between Bremm and Cochem. I loved the river cruise because of being able to completely unpack my suitcase for the week on the boat. However, the Meuse only delivered a little more water than the Meurthe at its confluence. 8 days. Travelling along its banks you first cross France, can visit Luxembourg and finally travel through Germany. Flow past sleepy French villages, medieval castles and fairytale forests on a 5-star luxury Moselle River Cruise. Close to the German/Luxembourg border, you'll find one of Germany's most beautiful wine regions. 4 letter words METZ . The current Moselle department, whose limits were set in 1919, had less population, with only 1,023,447 inhabitants. Show map. Small picturesque towns occupy the river’s bank while the castles’ towers are reaching for the sky on the top of the hills. Trouvez les Moselle River images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. Moselle River Cruises The romantic Moselle winds through an enchanting landscape of castles, picture-book villages and terraced slate hillsides that form one of the world’s richest wine regions. Other canals link the river to the North Sea and even the Mediterranean. Maizières-lès-Metz 3 hotels. "[2] In this section the land to the north is the Eifel which stretches into Belgium; to the south lies the Hunsrück. The Moselle valley is famous for its scenery and wine. Sep 8, 2020 - Enjoy the historical & scenic sites along the beautiful Moselle River Trail in France & Germany. Guide of the Moselle. Freyming 4 hotels. Rupt de Mad, At 544km, the Moselle is the second longest tributary of the Rhine. It is a left bank tributary of the Rhine, which it joins at Koblenz. 1. Well-preserved Roman monuments are scattered across the city, which stretches across both sides of the Moselle River. When I was a young kid, I followed its course by road during many round trips between Nancy, Metz and Thionville. Dabo 22 hotels. Altlayer Bach, © Copyright 2003-2021 - All rights reserved. Cities of Light Paris to Prague. £3,495 from. Other cities and towns you could journey to include Basel, Amsterdam, Rudesheim, Zurich, Alsace, Mainz and Luxembourg City. The German part of the Moselle is a tourist destination. [21] The vineyards that have fallen fallow are mostly those on extremely steep hillsides. Today only products from the roofing slate mines of Katzenberg in Mayen and Margareta in Polch bear the name Moselle Slate. Date of experience: July 2019. And this is exactly what you can look forward to when you get on board an A-ROSA ship.The best crêpes in the city? We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. Ehrbach. The Moselle is an old acquaintance. ), Flüsse und Kanäle, Die Geschichte der deutschen Wasserstraßen, DSV-Verlag, 1998, Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektion Südwest: Kompendium der Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektion Südwest.