D: Like, 7 pages. Those of us who revere the architecture of fine old houses are both inspired and depressed by the skills of builders past. We loved the relatively uncrowded and relaxed atmosphere at the fine sand beach. Simple theme. About which I was quite puffed up.When deciding to do my version of a "glass house" in the end I realized that the stunning architecture of the classics can not be topped. We see it all the time now----graceless stairways, ill proportioned Palladian, or as builders and realtors like to call them, Palladium, windows are a stock standard of 'traditional' home designs. There are several beaches, the best being Fine Sands Beach. I enjoy your blog a great deal. My chosen range is architecture, landscape and design, mostly in Maine and New England, but open to suggestions.Smilla, when I was a child, your own staircase, because it went so high in a mostly vertical village, was a source of fascination for meToby W, Gil Schaffer is a perfect example that Asher Benjamin still has a few tricks to teach. Maine's finest handcrafted home textiles, apparel, and knitting yarns, since 1992. There are lots of areas to bicycle. Three subsequent homes have been built upon its foundations: Definitely book a space on the ferry in advance and be mindful that you need to be there in line ahead of your reservation time. Yet he couldn't come up with a proper curving staircase, one that swept in a graceful gravity defying curve to the second floor. ferry terminal provided some helpful suggestions for where we should ride our bikes. The views from the cottage are wonderful. But, hey, I am a 60 year-old woman doing my own work here. A 38 year labor of love. Notice that the Pierce staircase is also enclosed underneath. The ferry service was easy and we got spectacular views on a nice sunny day; w, Swans Island is quiet compared to the bustle of Bar Harbor. Swans Island Tourism: Best of Swans Island. The very stair in question, looking better than it really is through a fisheye lense. The economy of the island is mostly dependent on the income derived from lobstering. There is no sense of wonder or appreciation in the harmony of sacred geometry these days. On our way over and back, there was a tractor trailer that took up the space of at least four cars. Kragsyde: The original This isn’t Architecture Wednesday—that comes later today and is a completely different house than this—but this house is, without a doubt, my favorite house. I have built two stone stair cases, and yes getting the stairs to meet the rise is often difficult. Object Lessons-Chair questions for designer Mark Naden, Design Dictionary® Recognized by Modern Menagerie Blog, Decoration – Ancient & Modern, A blog by Thomas, A Debt of Inspiration to Henry Francis du Pont and Winterthur Museum, Suzanne Kasler Discusses her October Showroom Inspirations at Hickory Chair, Early American Gardens--a museum in a blog, From Garden to Table at Mount Vernon - Rum, John P. Meyer House, Designed by Eames & Walsh, Huntleigh, MO, How Ancient DNA Unearths The Americas Corn’s A-maize-ing History, Mrs. George Washington Kavanaugh and the Ancient Art of Social Climbing, My Own Time Machine: Buildings, Places, People & Things, Ancient Treasures revealed on Kennebunk Beach by March 2018 Storms. Renowned for our award-winning handwoven blankets and hand-dyed yarns, Swans Island Company is committed to using all natural fibers, sustainable production processes, and traditional techniques. An interesting topic for conversation! Start planning for Swans Island. I think they wore the "magical math" inside of them and made it apparent in their work. While Black himself was probably content to slip unnoticed into history, Kragsyde, his house at Lobster Cove, was to have no such fate. Marvelous post. One that existed, then it didn’t, and then it was resurrected. Swans Island Company has crafted bespoke textiles on the Maine coast for 25 years. If one is going to go on in the genre one must take up a new mentality.Thank you for the really fine job you do of bringing into focus so many of the important but often ignored details of past worthy construction. Chetwynd's Little House ( 245 Harbor Road) in Swan's Island Village. The rest is first come first served. We visited in late September, so the reservation will not be as important as summer time, but if you like to plan your arrival and departure for a day trip, it is a good idea. The house above also has one of those ill designed windows, but that's not where this post is headed, so I'll leave that for another day. 200 years ago, before the industrial revolution, each piece was hand turned or cut and not stuck to 2x4 dimensions which can be limiting even if you're working with a master craftsperson. According to staff, renovations are scheduled to be completed by the 2020 season. Partial view of Kragsyde II, Swan’s Island, Maine, home of the author Jane Goodrich. Goodrich’s first novel, The House at Lobster Cove, isabout George Nixon Black, Jr., the owner of the original Kragsyde. The lighthouse is a MUST SEE. The shingle-style house is called Kragsyde. We intended to ride to a part of the island to get a view of the lighthouse across the bay, but took a wrong turn and ended up at the lighthouse itself; our wrong turn was a giant stroke of luck. My wife had an ancestor that arrived on Swans Island from Ireland and her and her dad were very much interested seeing Burnt Coat Harbor. There Is One Well-Stocked Store . I know a New Drafting CAD Site gives away over 100 House plans for free.SDS PLAN, Thanks for your post on Woodlawn. This is the big one – and tragic both historically and artistically. The book itself is beautifully designed and printed by Benna Books, an imprint of Applewood Books in Boston. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Is this attraction a good place to visit on a, We took our bikes over for the day from Bass Harbor in early September 2020 and it was the highlight of our week on MDI. The second is that there is limited things to do on the island, other than relax. . Tales & Opinions From Maine Regarding Architecture, Art, Books, Design, Landscape, & Occasional Whims. Now we are lucky that the stairs meets the rise. Our nine-year old wasn't up for any more exploring, so we headed back to the ferry terminal, and stopped in the Lobster and Marine Museum for a quick look around before catching the ferry. Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. They were the Masters. Swans Island is quiet compared to the bustle of Bar Harbor. Swans Island is a quiet, pristine place well worth a day or more to visit and enjoy. When we got to the island, the lady at the. Ever. The island has a summertime population of approximately 1,000. Not to place blame (and don't start in on us architects!) One word of caution for cyclists: it is a bit hilly, so if you're with kids, be prepared to walk up some of the hills and/or to give them a push on the steeper areas. What a fascinating post, I am learning all sorts of things about American architecture, I must explore your blog more. The people on the island are very friendly and don't be surprised to have nearly everyone waive to you as you pass the few cars you pass on the roads. It raises that nagging question, as you say, about the wisdom of whether to attempt great style or to keep it simple if it cannot be done right. Swan's Island Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement 7 November 3rd, 2020 Election Day Procedures Information for new year round residents Absentee Voting Procedure Revised Ferry Schedule for July and August 2020 Swan's Island Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement 6 … There is a nice park in Minturn with charcoal grills and picnic tables that sits right on Burn coat Harbor where you can watch the fishing/lobster boats enter and exit the harbor along with the wildlife. Food: Other than a small (very very small) store, which was not open when we first arrived at 9:45 am, there is no place to eat. Ann. first four vehicles for any particular time as the ferry can hold a limited number of cars. Only 4 rooms, two with kitchens (which helps since they are no restaurants on the island). She based the design on historic drawings and blueprints of a shingle-style masterpiece named Kragsyde. Chili Cook-offs . Strange happenings during our vacation on Swan's Island, Maine. But on this island near Bar Harbor is an architectural landmark: Kragsyde. requires a short drive on a dirt road, and a short hike to the beach. Wednesday and Friday are pizza days. See all. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It, # 3: When Bad Th... On My 41st Birthday: Happy New Year, Happy New Age, Happy New Blog…, A Tiara For Miss Markle Part II: The Duchess of Sussex, All Things Ruffnerian, a Design Blog and More. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. I think a big difference is that your friends staircase isn't open underneath but enclosed; Probably hiding either a closet or stairs down to the basement -right? Photo by Bret Morgan (www.bretmorgan.com). Kragsyde was demolished in 1929, two years after Black's death, but interestingly, a copy has been built, reversed from the original plans, on Swan's Island, not 25 miles from Woodlawn. in 2019, the last ferry back is around 430 PM. Nothing fancy. A 40 minute ride on the ferry from Bass Harbor. A fantastic little deck on the south side has stairs that go down to the first floor. Or Go Over To Frenchboro for the Annual Lobsta Picnic . Quel difference, no?I do however, belong to the school of keep it simple if it can't be done right---a nice modern straight stair of industrial parts vs. a bad stair of wannabe design in stock parts?And indeed an interesting topic, thanks for getting the conversation started (incidentally, I've added a couple of paragraphs to the piece since you commented. Not only for Covid for anyone and all comminical diseases! Home Before, absolutely agree.Emile de Bruijn, thanks so much---and immensely enjoy your National Trust BlogAnonymous, elaborate more. Her People Socialize with Play Readings . Agree with previous post that. The population was 332 at the 2010 census.The town is accessible by ferry from Bass Harbor.. Something else occurred to me. As we rode along the roads, all of the motorists were courteous and just about all of of them waved to us. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. Had the “king of Swan Island” tried to claim salvage rights to them all, it would have gotten old quickly. He used glass between all the framing members on the gable end. First off is the ferry ride. Reproduction without express permission forbidden. Please choose a different date. Luxury, Oceanfront, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Baths, (Sleeps 6) - $357 avg/night - Swans Island - Amenities include: Internet, Air Conditioning, Fireplace, TV, Satellite or cable, Washer & Dryer, No Smoking, Heater Bedrooms: 3 Sleeps: 6 Minimum stay from 5 night(s) Bookable directly online - Book vacation rental 101208 with Vrbo. But I need more informations. This is certainly true of our first Inspirational House, “Kragsyde” in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Ma. Stefan,I agree, and in no way am slamming architects (without whom we could not exist)in this one, and am well aware of the shifts and limitations of modern times and materials. Map: The ferry office has a map, but it is not the easiest to read (due to be copied over and over and over again). Your comments on other blogs have been funny and sharp and charming; I hope your range of topics here expands, to let you show off those talents more. The short hike up the hill by the quarry to watch the sunset was worthwhile and completely gorgeous. I recommend that if you want a good map, to print out one yourself before you head over. etc., I've been in a mental funk, blahblahblah. The anamoly is that 200 hundred years ago, in a country with relatively primitive technologies, self trained carpenter/architects, often with limited education, were routinely creating graceful, well ordered buildings using no more than their eye, and the building conventions of the time, aided by several popular builders manuals, chief among them those of, copyright Brad Emerson. Was a simple place, but great location and view. Terrific blog. I understand Stefan's position what was built in the past was milled to fit, and now it is stock and dwindling quality of stock at that. Contemporary masterpiece features breathtaking and unobstructed ocean views, privacy and astonishing attention to detail. We really enjoyed the quaint character of the island, friendly local people, and the wonderful lighthouse. See more ideas about shingle style, shingling, shingle style architecture. Twenty years later I used the newer technology of a glass curtain wall to achieve a similar "house" icon and the result ended up on the front page of the Sunday Washington Post. Going Up - Children's Museum & Theater of Maine, Scouting The Apocalypse: “Twelve Monkeys” Filming Locations, Then and Now, Shorpy Historical Photo Archive - Vintage Fine Art Prints, Photos, Gardens, Birds, Trees: What’s Happening in the Great Outdoors, Goat's Beard and Day Lilies Light Up the Woods and Shore, Ten Chimneys Foundation's Preservation Blog, Thomas Jayne: Classical Principles for Modern Design, ALEX HITZ’S THE ART OF THE HOST: RECIPES AND RULES FOR FLAWLESS ENTERTAINING, FAVORITE WALLPAPER: ZUBER'S DECOR CHINOIS, BACK TO DORCHESTER--THE AMERICAN SAPPHO, CHARLES BULFINCH, AND A LITTLE MORE OGDEN CODMAN, STOTESURY SUMMERS: Part 3: Inside Wingwood House, 'What God Would Have Done if He'd Only Had the Money'. Swan's Island is an island town in Hancock County, Maine.It is named after Colonel James Swan of Fife, Scotland, who purchased the island and some surrounding areas and organized their colonization in the eighteenth century. Wow! Kragsyde. The program was ambitious. The island has three little villages, Atlantic in Mackerel Cove on the north coast, Swan's Island, on the shores of Burnt Coat Harbor in the south and Minturn on the north side of the Burnt Coat Harbor. Stayed overnight at the Harbor Watch Inn. but unless a client wants to spend oodles of money, you are stuck using 'stock' pieces for the most part which leaves things relatively 'flat' as you suggest. It is true such marvelous stairs in the air were built before autocad and calculators. After our tour, we rode over to a beach where we ate our (packed) lunch, climbed on some rocks and enjoyed the view. I appreciate the conversation. so I do know what life can offer for every one. This colorful cottage has a view of Burnt Coat Harbor and two decks from which to enjoy it! It is small but very attractive. The ocean-facing facade of the Swan’s Island house, which marries the vision of original Kragsyde architects Peabody & Stearns with One of the great summer houses of the North Shore in Manchester-by-the Sea on Cape Anne, Kragsyde was designed in the shingle style by Nixon Black’s friend, Robert Swain Peabody of … In the mid 1900s, Jane Goodrich was a 12-year-old living in Vermont. The house has a stately fireplace in the “living hall.” All rights reserved. NOTE: The ferry accepts only FOUR reservations per trip. Kragsyde, George Nixon Black's summer home. During Covid owers do not care about patrons, they are putting anyone and everyone at risk!! If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Go play. The cottage has been renovated. The tower is being renovated. A wonderful subject for a post...and your photos of Woodlawn are lovely.A staircase always elicits an emotional response. There are not a lot of extra rooms on the island, so plan carefully. This. Often the first thing ones sees in a building...burglars creep up them, brides descend to waiting grooms, Scarlet O'Hara fell down one, thwarted lovers throw themselves over the railing and ghosts make the boards creak! The local historical society appears to have sunk a lot of money into restoring the lighthouse and what used to be the lighthouse keeper's home. The tower is not accessible at this time. Joshua, Joshua, might you be connected with Woodlawn? I bought a house with the sole purpose of renovating an ugly duckling into the pervertible swan.How to achieve this?What drove me was the idea of visually being both inside and outside of a building and being able to not only see into but to see completely through the walls like the Philip Johnson House and The Foxworth House - that kind of transparency.My inspiration came from the The Buckwalter House designed by Hugh Newel Jacobsen. It's no excuse, and I need to work on this. 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Powered by. While not an exact replica of the original Kragsyde, it is a careful adaptation of the plans of a proud Shingle Style house that once stood on Massachusetts' North Shore. published in 1816, inspiration for Woodlawn, One of Benjamin's drawings showing how to calculate the geometry of a winding stair, and below, some notes on the building of stairs, The Ionic portico at Woodlawn, with cornice and capitals copied from Benjamin, Kragsyde, George Nixon Black's summer home, Mr. Searles & His Many 'Castles', Part II. And this opens up one of the anomalies of modern design and building. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. It was built on the coast of Manchester-by-the-Sea in the late 1800s. The following ad began appearing in the newspapers in August 1868, Just think, an island of one’s own, close to the comforts of a … From our signature handwoven blankets and throws to knitting yarns and apparel, we are determined to create objects of beauty and utility in authentic and earth-friendly ways here in Maine. There are several sites on line where you can find a good quality map. There are rocking chairs on the back porch to sit and read while enjoying the scenery. The original Kragsyde was demolished in 1929. Reckless, Visiting Swans Island is a nice time and worth taking a few hours out of your time on Mount Desert Island to explore. Bravo! Jane Goodrich and her husband, Jim Beyor, have built a mansion on Swans Island called Kragsyde. Best not to think to much about the decor. That "sacred geometry" that Home refers to, seemed to be respected by provincial or itinerant craftsmen, so that even the simplest houses feel inexplicably "right".Asher Benjamin~wasn't he a source for much of Gil Schaffer's work? I am blessed with great people in my life. Soon the farmer king either died, or decided to cash out. In this particular case, the client did have oodles (and oodles) of money to spend, and a custom builder was brought in, and still the result was mundane. And An Amazing New Library . The book arrived in pristine condition. Swan's Island's Iconic Lighthouse . They know the schedule of the "regulars" - like the mail truck. Discusdid with the horrific housekeeping! There are lots of areas to bicycle. I recommend that if you can, call and make a reservation. One of my greatest accomplishments in the construction of "Kragsyde", a shingle style masterpiece on Swans Island, off the coast of Maine. Designed by Peabody and Sterns in 1884 as a summer house for Bostonian George Nixon Black, Jr. Kragsyde is a remarkable example of American Shingle Style homes of New England. there is nothing particularly fancy about this island, but it was very relaxing and lovely to be away from the tourist buzz of coastal Maine in July. :-), Those staircases move me to weep.At one time I struggled with some of the considerations you bring up. Currently occupied only by a small military squad, the Swan Islands are located approximately 90 miles off the coast of Honduras. Enjoy! Without a reservation, it is best to check with the staff to determine what the best return time will be. The views over and back was beautiful. Now, there's a present day architect who'd get a curving staircase right. The lighthouse has an apartment available for rent. And you use the blog format so well, moving from the specific issue of curving stairs to a discussion of different historic houses. There is a general store with a moderate supply of sandwiches. The architect in question had completed four years of one of the best architectural schools in the country, and acquired undeniable design skills, and had had endless training in mathematics and geometry. SWANS ISLAND COMPANY Handcrafted since 1992 Swans Island Company is committed to sustainable sourcing, … I've visited the replica Kragsyde on Swan's Island - a labor of love. If you plan on being there for lunch or supper, bring your own food. One hundred years after the original house was built, Goodrich and her husband, James Beyor, broke ground to resurrect Kragsyde at Swan's Island, Maine. Nothing fancy. Create a Trip. Nice topics, I am looking this type of topics. Oh, sorry - I was comparing it to the beautiful staircase at Woodlawn you show in the article :-) My mistake! Visiting Swans Island is a nice time and worth taking a few hours out of your time on Mount Desert Island to explore. There were no restaurants open for this summer during our late July visit. You’re Invited to Enjoy “The View From Santa Monica” Esther McCoy Lecture This Saturday! It was the 80's. On Swans Island, Goodrich and her husband, Jim Beyor, built a replica of Kragsyde, the now-demolished architectural icon built in the 19th century in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. We really enjoyed our sta, Great Day Exploring Island with Family on Bikes, We took our bikes over for the day from Bass Harbor in early September 2020 and it was the highlight of our week on MDI. Prepare to be amazed by Kragsyde, an astonishing private waterfront estate set atop a rocky outcropping on Boston’s storied North Shore. Jane Goodrich’s Swan’s Island home is a homage to George Nixon Black Jr.’s Kragsyde, constructed in its mirror image because of the lay of the land. Leads Into It's Working Harbor . I recommend that if you can, call and make a reservation. Know that this is probably the project most near and dear to my heart out of them all. The ferry will only reserve the. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. Roads are small, but there is not much, Stayed at the Harbor Watch Inn. The views over and back was beautiful. I got stuck in perspective hell, and I had school starting and a new computer, etc. Published many times when it was first designed, and adored by architects and scholars ever since, the marvelous and photogenic house has made it … We got a fantastic tour by Keith, who I believe is the head of the historical society. Jane Goodrich began building her Swans Island home in the early 1980s when she was just 19 years old. This is actually one of the more calmly decorated spaces in the house. Where Boats Of All Kinds Can Be Seen . Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. There is a seating area in the front windows. May 22, 2017 - Explore chuck's board "Kragsyde" on Pinterest. Lobstering is the main occupation on Swan's Island. First off is the ferry ride. Roads are small, but there is not much traffic. Swans Island Company goods are an investment in a tradition and a way of life, modern heirlooms designed to be as timeless as the tides. Would be a great quiet place to get away. I posit perhaps a different thought: in the very distant past, geometry and sacred geometry at that, was seen as godlike and worshipped. james beyor 2019. more, Commonly searched for in Mount Desert Island. If you have any interest in her and her husband's reconstruction of Kragsyde on Swan Island, Maine, or the little known life of G. N. Black, you will love this book. The ferry service was easy and we got spectacular views on a nice sunny day; we even passed a pod of porpoises. I REEEEEEEAAALLY owe you guys. A 40 minute ride on the ferry from Bass Harbor. Great biking, running, and walking options. Packing a cooler full of your own groceries (and definitely wine or beer, if you want it) is a good idea, as there are no alcohol sales and somewhat limited grocery options on the island. Just somehow, currently everything else seems to keep coming first. We did enjoy our stops at Tim's - The Island Market and Supply. Essential Swans Island. The house sleeps two in the upstairs double bed.